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Proton therapy is one of the most technologically advanced methods of treating solid tumors. Using a highly precise and direct dose of radiation, research has shown that side effects and morbidity are decreased in many patients with cancer compared with standard radiation.


Now, more than ever, health care providers are realizing that proton therapy is a powerful weapon in the assault on cancer, particularly so when tumors are close to vital organs or critical structures, or for tumors diagnosed in children. The ability to deliver radiation with exceptionally high degrees of accuracy and spare surrounding healthy tissue and organs makes proton therapy both a life-saving and quality-of-life sparing weapon for physicians and the patients for whom they care.

The enormous cost and complexity of financing, building, and operating these centers prevent many hospitals and health systems from making this advanced treatment option available to physicians and patients. With the introduction of the Radiance 330, ProTom has succeeded in tearing down these barriers. The Radiance 330® Proton Therapy System is compact, modular, adaptable, customizable, and less costly. Most importantly, ProTom achieves all of these advantages while providing the physicians with the high-precision, 3-dimensional scanned beam dose control that delivers powerful protons where they are needed – the cancer site – and keeps them away from where they are not – healthy tissues and critical structures.