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Learn more about the distinct advantages of the Radiance 330 ® Proton Therapy System.




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No other system is more prepared for the adaptive therapy techniques of tomorrow than the Radiance 330.* With a clinical treatment energy range of 70-250 MeV and a capacity of 330 MeV, the Radiance 330 is the only system with the accelerating capability required for the future of imaging all patients and all treatment sites with the proton beam itself.   This proton imaging capability is on the technological horizon, and is believed to hold promise for enabling future image-guidance and adaptive proton therapy techniques.

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The Radiance 330 is equipped with orthogonal imaging, including image registration software, which generates a patient alignment correction vector that is automatically implemented upon confirmation by transfer to the motion control system. ProTom believes that the choice of a volumetric imaging solution belongs in the hands of the healthcare provider. The Radiance 330 system is designed – both from an equipment and software control perspective – to readily interface with any number of in-room imaging solutions such as CT or CBCT. The modular design of the Radiance 330 control architecture lets the provider choose from among best-in-class technology solutions not only for imaging but for treatment planning and oncology information systems as well. The system is fully DICOM compliant.  In addition, the unique and built-in proton radiography* capability of the Radiance 330 has the potential to obviate the need for auxiliary imaging equipment currently sought in each treatment room, making real-time imaging and treatment delivery schemes possible in the future.

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Imaging with the proton beam enables incorporation of the proton stopping power of tissues into treatment planning dose calculations (normally Hounsfield Numbers – surrogates for tissue electron density utilizing X-ray attenuation), ensuring physicians of the greatest fidelity between planned and delivered dose distributions.

PR images courtesy Joao Seco, PhD, MGH

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PR images courtesy Joao Seco, PhD, MGH

Many believe that proton imaging technology will enable new/future capabilities in such areas as image guidance, adaptive treatment planning, precise respiratory gating compensation (including motion control and beam gating), and decision support.

Future Key Benefits of Proton Radiography:

  • Pre-Treatment Target Acquisition System
  • 3-D Volumetric Imaging @ 1/10th the dose of kV X-ray
  • Reduces uncertainty/errors in range calculations
  • Utilizes therapy beam line for both imaging & treatment
  • Proton Tomography
  • Adaptive Planning/Delivery

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Proton Radiography (PR) may be used for rapid, pre-treatment set-up localization – effectively an in-line, high-precision target acquisition system with the patient in treatment position, inside the treatment room.  Geometric set-up uncertainties are minimized.  Future utilization of the technique will reduce range uncertainty and verify beam delivery precision. Radiance 330’s unique PR capability has the potential to make real-time image-guided radiotherapy schemes possible utilizing the same beam line for both imaging and treatment.

PR images courtesy Joao Seco, PhD, MGH

*Proton radiography/tomography with Radiance 330 has not been cleared by the FDA for clinical use.