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Learn more about the distinct advantages of the Radiance 330 ® Proton Therapy System.




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Proton Beam Therapy brings advanced technology to cancer treatment for patients who can benefit from highly targeted and localized particle beams. The Radiance 330 enables the physician to exploit the precision dose control advantages of protons for the most complex cases using Fidelity Beam Scanning. This type of scanning beam treatment delivery uses beam energy variations to control penetration depth and magnetic steering to guide lateral dose deposition.

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Radiance 330 utilizes a treatment delivery technique known as Fidelity Beam Scanning.  The 3mm-6mm proton beam is magnetically deflected to scan the target in iso-energy layers. Fidelity between planned and delivered dose is a major objective of treatment delivery; proton imaging* using the synchrotron’s higher energies helps remove uncertainties in range prediction – addressing another important aspect of this pursuit.  Synchrotron-generated scanning beams result in a sharper Bragg peak and the lowest possible radiation dose to the patient outside the target volume.

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The Radiance 330 synchrotron is optimized for scanning. Unique accelerator design and control features provide flexibility for delivering scanned beams to moving targets. The duration of proton extraction from the synchrotron is variable “on-the-fly” – from a fraction of a second to more than 5 seconds, and the extraction cycle may be arbitrarily started or stopped. As a result, the system is capable of supporting the most advanced gating techniques for 3-dimensional beam scanning with rapid dynamic energy and intensity modulation.

The scanning proton beams generated by this synchrotron are transported under vacuum all the way to the patient until the last possible moment, arriving with virtually no neutron contamination of the beam and a narrow beam width.

*Proton radiography/tomography with Radiance 330 has not been cleared by the FDA for clinical use.