ProTom International, Inc.
1100 Parker Square, Suite 230
Flower Mound, TX 75028
ProTom’s mission is to increase the availability and affordability of clinically advanced proton beam therapy technology for physicians and the patients for whom they care.

About ProTom International

ProTom designed our proprietary proton therapy technology in ways that significantly lower the capital and operating costs of proton centers and accelerate the adoption of this clinically-advanced treatment modality in the fight against cancer. Developing proton therapy technology is not only what we do, it’s all we do. Our medical device operations are headquartered in the USA — from which all of our manufacturing, development, service and proton therapy projects are all currently managed and operated.

Our company name is one of the newest to proton therapy, but our people certainly are not. ProTom’s senior leadership team has over 150 years of combined experience in healthcare, with more than 75 years of combined experience in proton therapy, having participated in the planning, development, and/or operations of 10 USA proton centers and several in Europe and Asia. Further, the combined expertise of our senior service and maintenance engineers spans over 170 years of service in the health care environment, with approximately 120 of these years related to accelerator technology. Our team has the singular focus, commitment and credentials to perform its work intelligently, efficiently and cost effectively.

Officers and Directors:

Stephen L. Spotts – President and Chief Executive Officer; Member, Board of Directors
James P. Bennett – Executive Vice President, Finance, CFO; Member, Board of Directors
Thomas Blanton – Member, Board of Directors – Deceased, January 2014
    We will be forever grateful for Tom's service to ProTom.
Charles C. Clark – Member, Board of Directors
Robert E. Curry, Ph.D. – Chairman of the Board
Nancy E. Corbett – Senior Vice President, Operations
Vahagn Nazaryan, Ph.D. – Senior Vice President, Physics
Dmitri Sivan, Ph.D. – Vice President, International and Scientific Relations
Robert Herron – Vice President, Information Technology
Sue Michaud – Vice President, Clinical Integration
Stephen Sledge – Vice President Sales and Marketing
Cheryl Smith – Vice President, Administration and Corporate Secretary
Lauri K. Reichert – Vice President, Finance and Accounting, Controller
Daniel Raymond, Senior Director of Engineering
Aurelio Novo, Senior Project Management

Scientific Advisors:

Jay Flanz, Ph.D. – Technical Advisor
Robert Hamm, Ph.D.

Legal Counsel:

Hogan Lovells LLP

Strategic Alliances:

Bard, Rao + Athenas - Mechanical. Electrical , Plumbing, Low Voltage
Accelerated Machine Design - Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing QC
Tsoi Kobus & Associates - Architects and Equipment Building Interface Project Management


ProTom's MGH Gantry Assembly in Preparation for Factory Acceptance Testing


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