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ProTom International was a Silver Sponsor of the 56th Annual Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group Conference (PTCOG56). More than 1,200 people attended this year’s conference, highlighting increased interest in proton therapy.

Increased interest in proton therapy is being driven by a growing body of clinical data that shows the efficacy of proton therapy and the significant role it can play in advancing cancer treatment.

Proton tomography and radiography will be integral to cancer treatment. X-ray CT scans are currently used in diagnosis and treatment planning. Proton tomography and radiography uses protons instead of x-rays to create CT images. Proton tomography and radiography will allow for more accurate imaging, thereby improving diagnosis, treatment planning, and beam targeting for the precise delivery of proton therapy.

With a clinical treatment energy range of 70-250 MeV and a capacity of 330 MeV, ProTom’s Radiance 330 produces energy to enable proton imaging. ProTom is developing a dual-purpose beam line, allowing for imaging and treatment with the same beam.


About ProTom International

ProTom International is dedicated to a single mission to increase the availability and affordability of clinically advanced proton beam therapy technology for physicians and the patients for whom they care.

ProTom designed its proprietary proton therapy technology in ways that significantly lower the capital and operating costs of proton centers and accelerate the adoption of this clinically-advanced treatment modality in the fight against cancer.

Presentations from the conference are published on the PTCOG website.