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ProTom is a Silver Sponsor of PTCOG56

ProTom International is a Silver Sponsor of the 56th Annual Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group Conference (PTCOG) which is being held in KCC, Kanagawa and NIRS, Chiba, Japan from May 8-13. The main theme of PTCOG56 is “Ion-beam Radiotherapy in the 21st Century: Accuracy and Efficacy.”

Founded in 1985, PTCOG is the oldest and largest organization of scientists and professionals interested in proton, light ion, and heavy charged particle radiotherapy.

ProTom will be available at PTCOG from May 8-15. The company’s booth will feature ProTom’s Radiance 330 proton therapy technology.

Radiance 330 is a compact, modular and more affordable proton beam delivery system for the treatment of patients with cancer. The scalable system delivers extremely focused, conformal, scanned proton beams that destroy tumors while sparing nearby healthy tissue and anatomical structures. Radiance 330 has received 510(k) clearance.

About ProTom International

ProTom International is dedicated to a single mission to increase the availability and affordability of clinically advanced proton beam therapy technology for physicians and the patients for whom they care.

ProTom designed its proprietary proton therapy technology in ways that significantly lower the capital and operating costs of proton centers and accelerate the adoption of this clinically-advanced treatment modality in the fight against cancer.


More information about the PTCOG56 can be found here.