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ProTom’s Radiance 330® is the future of proton therapy technology

In the September edition of the journal Nature, Massachusetts General Hospital’s Dr. Thomas R. Bortfeld and Dr. Jay S. Loeffler state that the proton therapy technology of the future will be more affordable, more compact, and more flexible – all while delivering treatment with greater precision.

The authors point to ProTom’s Radiance 330® Proton Therapy System as a model – they highlight Radiance 330®’s small footprint, flexible design, and the cost savings achieved.

Radiance 330® delivers vanguard proton therapy treatment with the precision of pencil-beam scanning and the power of integrated imaging.

Designed to increase accessibility, Radiance 330® is compact, modular, and scalable.

And with low capital and operating costs, Radiance 330® is affordable.

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