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ProTom presented two posters at PTCOG57

The 57th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-operative Group (PTCOG57) was held May 21-26, 2018 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. ProTom presented two posters at the conference.

PTC57-0186: Radiance 330 proton therapy system overview

The Radiance 330® is a U. S. FDA 510(k) cleared proton therapy system specifically purpose-designed and purpose-built for proton therapy. Manufactured by ProTom International Holding Corporation, the machine is compact and modular, consisting of 6 subsystems: Beam Production Subsystem, Beam Transport Subsystem, Beam Delivery Subsystem, Gantry Subsystem, Patient Position Subsystem, and Controls Subsystem.

Key features include:

  • Compact and modular design with several possible configurations
  • Pencil Beam Scanning
  • Treatment beam: 70 MeV to 250 MeV
  • Imaging beam: up to 330 MeV (59 cm WET)
  • Low radiation; less shielding needed
  • Efficient and economical

ProTom synchrotron and gantry

PTC57-0195, Estimation of phantom RSP using an x-ray flat panel detector and a scanned proton beam up to 330MeV

Proton radiography and proton tomography have gained traction as a more accurate way to measure patient WET and thereby leading to more accurate treatment plans.  Proton radiography using an X-ray flat panel is an easy method for calculating patient WET, most notably due to the ease of clinical integration and wide availability of equipment.

Our presentation at PTCOG 57 showed our current work on proton radiography of a phantom head generated with an x-ray flat panel detector. The phantom WET was calculated by fitting the panel signal vs proton energy and extracting the CSDA range for each pixel on the panel. The spatial resolution of the WET values is equivalent to the pixel size of the detector, 0.4mm.

Figure 1: A picture of the experimental setup, with the protons incident from above.

proton setup

Figure 2 below shows the measured WET values for a small cranial region with WET between 180 mm and 200 mm. This level of spatial resolution was consistent throughout the entire phantom. (WET values (left) for the region outlined in red (right))

wet values

ProTom is committed to developing our proton imaging capabilities and is actively engaged in proton radiography and tomography studies.  The demonstrated 330 MeV beam energy from the Radiance 330® allows imaging of any anatomical structure.