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At ProTom, we are working to transform cancer treatment by expanding the accessibility of proton therapy and developing proton tomography. The Radiance 330® Proton Therapy System was designed to address challenges and break down barriers. Leveraging innovation, expertise, and passion, we are raising the bar for proton therapy technology.

The Radiance 330® has the smallest synchrotron footprint in the market. The small footprint combined with a modular design that includes interchangeable sub-systems allows for Radiance 330® to be installed in purpose-built or existing facilities. This design also allows for future expansion and for the upgrade of individual components. Radiance 330® supports single, multi-room and expandable configurations. The beam transport system is a beamline that guides the proton beam from the synchrotron to the treatment room and is expandable to as many as three treatment rooms.

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Radiance 330