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March, 2021 – ProTom is pleased to announce that its single-room Radiance 330® Proton Therapy System at the Gordon-Browne Proton Therapy Center at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has been treating patients for over one year. ProTom continues to support the MGH team to deliver the most advanced proton therapy treatment to patients.

The Radiance 330 Proton Therapy System at MGH is a compact, single-room system equipped with advanced pencil beam scanning and integrated imaging. The Radiance 330 compact synchrotron can be installed within an interior accelerator vault space of 20′ x 30′ and requires up to 40% less radiation shielding. The lighter-weight, compact technology simplifies the installation process; and the largest component of any proton system configuration—the accelerator—requires no special road transport, facility hatch, or extraordinary cranes and can be delivered through typical freight or staff entrances.  The MGH Radiance 330 system was installed in an existing, fully operational radiation oncology department, 3 levels below ground.


About Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital is the original and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the oldest and largest hospital in New England and the third oldest general hospital in United States. Mass General’s 999-bed medical center offers sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery, while four health centers provide high-quality care and services in the surrounding community.

Mass General has long been a leader in successfully bridging innovative science with highly advanced clinical medicine. It is the #1 hospital on the East Coast, having been named #2 in America by U.S. News and World Report It’s the only hospital to be recognized across all 16 specialties assessed by U.S. News and it has the largest hospital-based research program in the United States.


About ProTom International

ProTom International is a leading device manufacturer of proton therapy technology. We are steadfast in our mission to transform cancer treatment by expanding the accessibility of proton therapy and by developing proton tomography technology.

Combined with rapid return on investment, the precision of pencil beam scanning and the power of integrated imaging, ProTom’s Radiance 330 is the choice for future proton therapy technology.